About Us

We are Day-Maker Australia

We’re a local Australian owned and operated supplier of LED lighting products and welcome you to explore our brand new website.

Our site brings you the widest range of LED lighting available in Australia and we’ll also guarantee you a customer-centric experience at all times. Our business is focused on you and YOUR satisfaction in all your dealings with us. Day-Maker Australia understand that things such as an after sales service and replacement warranty are just as important to you the customer as the initial. We don’t believe in assuming that problems are inevitable but instead we have structured our business on the basis of avoiding problems. That’s the cornerstone of our customer-service culture.

We’re flexible, so if at first we don’t find what you’re looking for, you can be sure that we’ll keep trying until we do. At Day-Maker Australia, we’re proudly Australian and believe in supporting Australian business. So, we’ll strive to provide you with the best products available on the market to suit your needs and our Australian conditions.

Through our extensive experience, we’re confident that we know what customers want. With that in mind, we are always looking at the latest and greatest innovation but always making sure that quality is never compromised.

We constantly expand and update our range – so make sure you check back regularly so you don’t miss out on the new arrivals.Servicing the general public, mining and agricultural industries and covering areas such as motor vehicles, 4WD, SUVs, Trucks and Marine, Day-Maker Australia is your one stop shop for all of your LED lighting needs – no matter what you are looking for.

So remember, whenever you need LED Lights, support Australian small business come to DAY-MAKER AUSTRALIA