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Privacy Policy

We have a full and comprehensive privacy policy governing the confidentiality of any information about you or your company that we must obtain and possibly store in order to process your order and provide exemplary customer service.

We will gladly provide you with a copy of this on demand. Please contact us to obtain this.

In the interests of brevity, we summarise here a few of its key features and principles.
  1. We unconditionally guarantee that we will never ask for or store information about you unless it is either absolutely required for us to fulfil the order you are placing or is required by law.
  2. All of the information we hold about you will be held under conditions of the utmost technical and physical security in both our premises and systems.
  3. None of your details will ever be passed on to any third party unless we have secured your written permission in advance. Exceptions to this include information required for electronic payments which must be sent to banks and credit card companies plus anything we may be legally required to divulge to the appropriate authorities.
  4. Your personal details will never be passed on to any third party for marketing and E-mail list purposes etc.
  5. We operate under and are governed by, the appropriate provisions of Australian Law.
  6. We will never discuss you or your transactions with any other party, including the media, unless we either have your written permission in advance or are subject to a legally-binding disclosure order issued by an appropriate legal authority.
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