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LED Canbus Error Cancellor Plug’n’play Kit

LED Canbus Error Cancellor Plug’n’play Kit


1 x pair of Plug’n’Play Error Cancellors

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Error cancellors to suit H4/HB3-9005/HB4-9006 Globe Conversions 12V/24V.  LED Headlight globes are not a new thing to the market but, they are new compared to ‘older vehicle’s electrics.’  In some cases (common in Toyota’s, Holden Rodeo & Jackaroo some Fords and Volvo trucks so far) you will experience problems such as 1 high beam works and 1  low beam works at the same time or your dash controls tell you you have a blown globe or that only one light works and the high beam shows on your dash and so on!  Anyway, the Manufacturer’s in China are not to know how some vehicles in Australia are affected but, 98% of the time they can be fixed using a simple ‘in-line plug’n’play Error code/Canbus Cancellor.  The function of the cancellor is simple:-
The cancellor is simply a resistor to add load to the lighting circuit.  As the LED globe draws a lot less current than a standard filament bulb.  The car electronics (where fitted) can interpret this low current draw as a globe failure and bring up a warning light on the dashboard (where applicable) or, in the case of an LED globe being used for a direction indicator (blinkers), this low current draw may cause globes to flash too quickly or not at all.  In these cases a resistor is required to provide a load on circuit to match the old type of globe your LED one just replaced.

Error Cancellors offered as a pair:

  • H1
  • H3
  • H4
  • H7
  • HB3
  • 9005
  • HB4
  • 9005

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Error Cancelers x 1 pair

H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3, 9005, HB4, 9006


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